About The Junto Company

The Junto Company Ltd. is a multidisciplinary government relations and business development professional services firm. We work with a wide array of clients from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our aim is twofold: to accelerate our clients’ growth and to impact the political and policy making processes at the federal, state, and local levels of government. We do this by first understanding our clients’ goals and objectives – then by working with our relationships at all levels of government to advocate for success on behalf of our clients.

HAVING THE JUNTO MINDSET: The Junto Company stand out in several important ways, starting with our name and the philosophy behind it. The word junto – pronounced jun-to – became well-known in the Philadelphia beginning in 1727. That’s when Benjamin Franklin first gathered twelve close contacts into a collaborative. He called it the Junto – a group of improvement-minded entrepreneurs and small-business owners. They met weekly, learning together and engaging in spirited dialogue. Junto-powered ideas led to the first library, volunteer fire departments, public hospital, police departments, paved streets, and more. Nearly 300 years later, this same commitment to curiosity, learning, innovation, and civic stewardship serve as our core principles at The Junto Company.

NAVIGATING THE SYSTEM: Another distinction relates to what we deliver to our clients. We bring a thick Rolodex and the wide reach that goes with it – that’s standard fare in this business, to be expected. But we also have a deep understanding of programs and policies, plus more than 50 years of first-hand experience navigating the system.

WORKING THE DETAILS: We also have a different approach when it comes to details and complexity. We’re not afraid of them. In fact, we seek them out, because details matter when it comes to serving our clients. Sure, we network with our full range of contacts in government, business, and elsewhere – again, that’s standard fare. But we also attend long committee meetings, and study thick briefing books, and analyze arcane rules and laws, and seek out answers to complex questions.

TAKING PRIDE: We are extremely proud of our client organizations. We’re passionate about who they are, what they accomplish, and what they’re aspiring to achieve.

The Junto Company is different. And if different sounds better, contact us.